For more than 150 years, the best skaters in the world have been training and racing on Thialf’s ice, the fastest ice at sea level in the world.

Thialf is the national ice stadium for professional ice skating in The Netherlands and meets the international requirements for short track and long track speed skating.

Training and living in Heerenveen provides athletes with a safe environment where they are surrounding themselves with other skating professionals who know exactly what is required to get the best results out of themselves.

Head coach Simon Kuipers has proven himself as a professional speed skater. He trained for seven years under the wings of speed skating coach Jac Orie and two years with the TVM team. He now has several years of experience as a coach. “Provide skaters with the personalized attention they require and maximize their enjoyment in skating” is his motto.

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Ingredients for success

  • Optimal technical coaching
  • Training enjoyment
  • Collaboration; working and training together
  • Maximizing your potential
  • Safe environment
  • Meeting and workshop facilities
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  • Fastest ice in the world at sea level
  • Training facilities
  • Medical facilities
  • Inline track
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Education
  • Transport
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  • Professional coaches and trainers
  • Multidisciplinary programs
  • Knowledge workshops
  • Medical guidance
  • Testing laboratories
  • Testing materials
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