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16 July 2020

We are excited to inform you about the possibilities to enter the Thialf Academy - ISU Center of Excellence - program for season 2020/2021.

We have found ourselves in strange and uncertain times because of the COVID-19 virus. Stuck indoors, we had the ability to find (new) ways of staying connected and in shape because of initiatives like the KeepTraining Series of the ISU. Thankfully we are now able to invite you (back) into our program! Please be aware that enrollment is at your own responsibility, concerning the ongoing risks of COVID-19.
About the Thialf Academy - Center of Excellence - program
Since January 2020, Thialf has been allocated by the ISU as Center of Excellence (CoE). The importance of the CoE is that there is access to highly qualified experts, trainers, services and training facilities on and off ice. This is where the Thialf Academy comes is. 
The Thialf Academy provides international athletes the chance to train and perform under optimal conditions using world class training facilities. The athletes are under the guidiness of our skilled Thialf Academy coaches, who are experts at international level. The program is available for individual athletes and trainers, national teams, officials and international sports federations with a long track, short track and inline background. To achieve success, tailor-made schedules are created for each athlete.
All this takes place in the beautiful state of the art complex of Thialf: The skating heart of the world. For many years, Thialf has the fatstest icerink at sea-level. The renewed Thialf also has the best training facilities off-ice,  
A fulltime program will include all training facilities, coaching and accommodation. Housing is optional, athletes are free to find accommodations themselves. Costs for race license and races are additional and optional. Ice training will be daily Monday till Friday from 8.00h – 9.30h.
When all COVID-19 regulations are met, we aim to start the program in August.
Are you ready to achieve new goals? Register now! 
Please download the registration form below and send your application to
Note: the agreements mentioned in the form will be discussed and signed for during the intake meeting at the start in Heerenveen.
Important information regarding COVID-19:
o RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and Enviroment) guidelines are leading;
o Please make sure to get the appropriate insurance (travel / medical expenses);
o We are subject to protocols of NOC*NSF/KNSB for the use of ice;
o You have a personal responsibility for your visa application;
o It is possible to receive a letter from the Thialf Academy to support your visa application.
Questions? Contact us!
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