25 June 2020

Considering that some ice rinks are re-opening and Skaters are hitting the ice again, the ISU CoE Keep Training! Series will be holding the last Speed Skating and Short Track Speed Skating Keep Training! sessions, for the foreseeable future, this weekend on June 27 and June 28, 2020.

Headed by champions and renowned coaches, the weekend online training classes continue to encourage skaters to stay healthy and strong ,while sharpening their skating skills.The well-designed classes also welcome Skaters from outside the CoEs, connecting skaters from around the world.

Join in and share the unique moment with our skaters and famous coaches. You will find the full schedule and details below:

Date & time (CET) Hosting CoE Hosting Coach / Professional Name of Exercise Equipment Required/Notes



Heerenveen CoE

Joel Eriksson

Olympian Speed Skater, National coach

Bent Erik Brenden 

National Swedish Coach

Sandra Gomez 

National Spanish Coach

Dryland Training Live

The Keep Training Series are part of the #UpAgain campaign, through which, the ISU is providing tools so that we can all get #UpAgain. You can find out more about the other initiatives by visiting the #UpAgain page, which also includes tips from the athletes themselves on training, cooking and more.  

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