Youth Olympic Games - Results TA athletes

18 January 2020

Thialf Academy congratulates Nil, Fran and Luisa on the results they have achieved at the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Lausanne. A wonderful experience at a beautiful location. We are incredibly proud on our contribution towards these achievements. Thank you for your hard work and this amazing experience. Let us keep moving forward!

The Spanish Nil Llop and uisa Gonzalez Salazar have been participants in our program since the early season of 2019-2020. The Belgian Fran Vanhoutte also regularly trains at the Thialf Academy. We are extremely grateful for the fantastic collaboration with the Spanish and Belgian speed skating federations.
Results YOG Lausanne 2020
                      Nil Llop
Distance    Rank
500m        2
1500m        8
Mix Team Sprint        4 
Mass Start Semifinal         7
Mass Start Final       14
           Luisa Gonzalez Salazar 
Distance   Rank
500m      11
1500m      29
Mix Team Sprint       7
Mass Start Semifinal        6
Mass Start Final      12
                Fran Vanhoutte
Distance   Rank
500m      22
1500m       8
Mix Team Sprint       7
Mass Start Semifinal        2
Mass Start Final       9
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