Road to Ice 2019 || Thialf Summer Cup

22 July 2019

Following the first and very successful Road to Ice camp in 2018 the Thialf Academy organized another camp this year. Road to Ice 2019 camp was held between the 15th and 21st of July!

Road to Ice is a program which introduces inline skaters to the long track and short track skating disciplines. We had the pleasure of welcoming 50 international athletes and coaches to join our Road to Ice program last week.

Under the guidance of experienced multidisciplinary coaches, the athletes received a unique opportunity to train and improve your technique on the ice. The off ice training program contained elements such as seminars, slide board, sprinting, weight and cable training.

During the seminars, the Thialf Academy was supported by Innovation Lab Thialf. With the collaboration the Thialf Academy wants to optimize performance and reduce injuries in speed skating program.

We ended the training camp with a race, the Thialf Summer Cup. The results  were incredible: lots of personal and seven national records were broken!

To all the athletes/coaches: THANK YOU, you really have turned our trainingcamp into an amazing week! We hope to see and hear a lot from all of you.

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