Collaboration ISU And Thialf Academy

28 May 2018

For the first time the ISU and Thialf Academy organize the ‘Road to Ice’ speed skate week.

A complete program to introduce inline skaters to the ice sports of long track and short track speed skating. Under supervision of experienced multidiscipline coaches, the unique opportunity for athletes to try out the ice.

The ‘Road to Ice’ skate week is a unique event created for inline skaters directly following the World Championship inline skating in Heerde. This event gives athletes the possibility to put on speed skates and to skate in Thialf Heerenveen. It involves the ice sports long track speed skating and shorttrack speed skating.

During the ‘Road to Ice’ skate week the ISU and the Thialf Academy will supply the coaches and athletes with a complete training program, ice time, gear, accommodation, meals and transportation. Next to that there will be workshops and seminars for coach and athlete.

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