Watch our online dryland training

29 May 2020

Did you miss our LIVE online dryland training? Or do you just want to follow the training again? Watch our video here!Read more

Thialf Academy provides online training (worldwide)

13 May 2020

In the ISU Center of Excellence Keep Training Series, the best coaches, champions and sports professionals take you through their online classes. These series are mainly focused on dryland,...Read more

Last training of the season

14 February 2020

Most athletes had their last training in Thialf, as the last competitions of this season are scheduled in the following weeks. So we've got them a little present: their very own TA headband/cap! Read more

ISU World Cup

12 February 2020

Last weekend, Thialf Academy athletes Stien, Sandrine and Nil were in Calgary for the World Cup 5. Our coach Ian was also with them to support and guide our Belgian athletes. Read more

Youth Olympic Games - Results TA athletes

18 January 2020

Thialf Academy congratulates Nil, Fran and Luisa on the results they have achieved at the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Lausanne. A wonderful experience at a beautiful location. We are incredibly...Read more

First Medal at Youth Olympic Games for TA athlete

13 January 2020

Three athletes of the Thialf Academy left for Lausanne 2020 last week to compete in the Youth Olympic Games (YOG). Read more

Junior World Cup

26 November 2019

The second Junior World Cup took place in Enschede last weekend. Coach Ian & Simon were present to coach and support the Thialf Academy athletes. Read more

Support our athletes

15 November 2019

A number of Thialf Academy athletes will have an exciting weekend ahead of them. Ten athletes will compete during the Junior World Cup 1 in Norway and one athlete will compete at the StarClass 2 in...Read more

Go hard or go home

11 November 2019

Ten PR’s were broken during a competition in Thialf last weekend. A big win for the Thialf Academy Athletes, right before the first Junior World Cup in Norway this weekend! Read more

Meet the Athletes - Kristiine Kalev

4 November 2019

We introduce Kristiine as one of the Thialf Academy athletesRead more