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To achieve speed skating success, it is crucial that the training conditions are optimal. Thialf Academy provides international athletes the chance to train and perform under optimal conditions using its world class facilities, training programs and personalized coaching in the heart of Heerenveen, The Netherlands.

Long Track

A long track program specifically created for speed skating and tailor-made for every athlete

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Short Track

A program specifically created for shorttrack speed skating and tailor-made for every athlete

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Inline Skating

A program specifically created for inline speed skating and tailor-made for every athlete

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World class facilities

  • 400 meter oval
  • Shorttrack oval
  • Gym
  • Indoor inline oval
  • Track and field
  • Outdoor activity
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The ISU has allocated Thialf as Center of Excellences (CoE) for the long track and short track disciplines. 

The importance of the CoE is that there is access to highly qualified experts, trainers, services and training facilities on and off ice.

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The lead-up to success

Thialf, the ‘skating heart of the world’, has hosted many incredible victories over the years, providing excellent ice conditions and innovative training facilities accompanied by the expert guidance of specialized coaches.

The renewed Thialf offers broader opportunities for international athletes to reach new goals under Thialf Academy. Thialf Academy combines its facilities with coaching expertise for international athletes with a long track speed skating, short track and inline skating background.

The Netherlands is well renowned for their success within the speed skating world, particularly for long distance speed skating at the highest level. More competition from international athletes creates a more attractive sport for both athletes and spectators which will therefore ensure a long and rich history of the future of speed skating. Thialf Academy is available for individual athletes and trainers, national teams, officials and international sports federations.

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